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Questions and Answers


Q: How does this platform overlap with current HCM platforms?

A: HCM platforms are typically very basic on workforce management. Logically, they focus on HR and all its complexities. Some may have timekeeping functionality, but they fall short when it comes to fulfilling Operational needs. If you understand or agree with that, UKG’s platform complements more than overlaps. And the fact that UKG has uniquely embedded some HR process capabilities to answer concrete operational scenario will make the interactions with HCM platforms smoother.

Q: Can the document management part of the platform be used for non-workforce related documents? Could the platform be used for other documents? 

A: You certainly can use the document management capabilities within HR Service Delivery for non-workforce-related documents. There are two components: one component is called People Assist, where HR assists employees, and there's a document portion within it. There is a separate module within UKG HR Service Delivery that focuses on document management. Not only as far as archiving is concerned. You also have very powerful document generation tools (retention policies, …), mass publication capabilities, e-signature workflow, and even a private employee digital vault where documents can be sent in full compliance with legislation. You can, for example, answer an HR Audit in a few clicks.

Q: What are the analytics capabilities around people data within the platform, within Dimensions, and within HR service delivery?

A: Both platforms, whether you're referring to Dimensions or HR Service Delivery, offer standard embedded analytics. Dimensions has made significant progress in recent versions by including a wide range of standard key performance indicators (KPIs). This means that you can build your own dashboards and generate reports based on specific metrics and KPIs without incurring additional costs.

Similarly, HR Service Delivery also provides embedded analytics. A common scenario would involve checking the number of employee requests received in the past month and how many of them were successfully resolved. This information allows you to enhance employee satisfaction and adjust HR processes accordingly. Additionally, you can track HR performance against these KPIs and SLAs (service level agreements) to ensure accountability within your teams.

Q: Is it difficult to build dashboards?

A: That’s easy. UKG’s platform offers embedded analytics and provides endless reporting capabilities. In Dimensions, you can create data views, which are simple and easy to configure. These data views can be set up by consultants or even by someone within your organization once they become familiar with the process. You don't need any background in computer science or programming to create these dashboards.

Q: Can any other process be implemented further than onboarding, like training processes or specific time off requests, or requests that may require employee documents?

A: With the integration of HR Service Delivery (HRSD) and Dimensions, there are expanded capabilities for implementing additional processes. For example, a recent development is the document upload functionality when employees request for time off within Dimensions. With the addition of HRSD, employees are now able to collaborate on workforce and non-workforce related documents.

For instance, if an employee is going for surgery and will be out for two weeks, the process can be built within Dimensions and HRSD to prompt the employee to upload a document explaining the reason for their absence. This document will then be stored in the document management side of HR Service Delivery. And you can even set a trigger at the date this employee returns in case he/she needs to provide additional documents.

Therefore, you can build and customize any processes you require within the platform, whether it's training processes, specific time off requests, or requests that involve employee documents.

Q: If a manager wants an employee to submit a specific document which is not part of the onboarding process, how would they request this?

A: Within the platform, there is a feature that allows managers to request specific documents from employees, even if it is not related to the onboarding process. On the employee's home page, there is a document tile that includes an "Upload Document" feature. So, if a manager wants an employee to submit a particular document, they can request it through this feature. For example, let's say Maggie is the new hire, and her manager Ken wants her to upload a specific document. Maggie can easily do this by clicking on the "Upload Document" option.

Once Maggie uploads the document, her manager Ken, or any other authorized person, can log in and access the same document. This way, the manager can request the document within Dimensions by selecting the employee, clicking on "Make Requests," and then being directed to the HRSD portal to request the document to be uploaded. In summary, the manager can request a specific document from the employee by using the document upload feature within the platform.

 Q: Which cloud environment does this platform sit on?

A: This platform sits on the Google Cloud environment with servers both in Europe and North America.